Dear Member,

As you are aware changes to the Dress Code were made after the survey taken last year. The handbook included with this letter will serve as a guide for what is permitted and/or prohibited when it comes to attire.  Different areas of the Club and individual events vary greatly in what is acceptable, and this booklet was created as a solution to use as a reference.  In addition to all members receiving this in hard copy form now, there is an electronic version available on the website in addition to multiple copies on display throughout the clubhouse.  While we are in agreement with the fact that some subtle change was necessary, we also believe that more rigid enforcement of dress code violations needs to be enacted.  Unfortunately, there have been an increasing number of wardrobe issues that require addressing as we move forward with the times.

With that being said, the Board and I want to explain our going forward policy pertaining to dress code infractions.  It is our stance that embarrassment of a member (or guest) by disallowing them entry into the Club is counterproductive.  Simple issues such as the tucking in of a shirt or removal of a cap will be handled instantaneously.  Egregious transgressions will also be taken care of by management immediately, albeit it on a subjective basis.  By direction of the Board, all other situations will be managed in a respectful and professional way by Dan Rogers and his team.  What this specifically means is if any member or their guest who is found to have infringed on our dress code that member will be presented with a letter, this handbook and an explanation as to what the issue was at the end of the event.  Management will not be remedying the situation in real time and all attendees need to be aware of such.  Again, our goal is to not embarrass any member while keeping to a policy of enforcement of the rules.  An accounting of infractions will be maintained and multiple violations will result in discipline as decided by the Executive Board.  Everyone attends an event to have a good time and enjoy themselves; please don’t let someone else’s issue infringe upon your enjoyment.  Rest assured, the situation is being handled and if you would like to discuss things further, please send me an email the following day and I will personally review everything with you.

We look forward to a transformative year at North Hempstead and hope to see you enjoying the Club as you wish.  We have exuded a great deal of time and effort to provide an experience that is accommodating to all.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions, comments or concerns by emailing
Joseph G. Leone and the Board of Governors