Guest Policies

In order to ensure a consistent and enjoyable experience for all Members and guests at North Hempstead Country Club, we have a set of standards we hold each other to. The following information will help advise both Members and guests of our views (and your responsibilities) as it relates to attire, smoking, and cell phone and PDA usage.


Private Event Dress Code
Country Club Attire is Required. No Jeans.

Men and boys: Collared shirts are required and must be tucked in. Slacks and closed toe shoes are required. Jeans in all colors (whether casual or dressy), cargo pants, cargo shorts, tank tops and cut-offs of any type are prohibited. T-shirts, gym shorts, lacrosse shorts, sandals, crocs and flip-flops are all prohibited.

Women and girls: Jeans in all colors other than white (whether casual or dressy), cargo pants, cargo shorts, tube tops, bare midriffs, see-through clothes and cut-offs of any type are prohibited. T-shirts and tank tops (sleeveless, collarless made of t-shirt material) are both prohibited. Sandals are permitted but casual flip flops are prohibited.

Golf Outing Dress Code
Hats are to be removed when inside the clubhouse.

Men: Golf shirt with collar and short or long sleeves, golf slacks or Bermuda type golf length shorts not more than 2” above the knee are acceptable. Shirts must be tucked in. Jeans in all colors (whether casual or dressy), cargo pants and cargo shorts are prohibited. Hats must be worn with visor forward. Short-sleeve mock turtleneck golf shirts are prohibited.

Women: Golf skirts and golf shorts not more than 6” above the knee are acceptable. Golf shorts and slacks will have a relaxed fit around the legs. Golf shirts may be worn with or without a collar. Sleeveless shirts must have a collar while collarless shirts must have long sleeves. Golf shirts must be tucked in at all times unless they are designed to be worn untucked. Bare midriffs are prohibited. Jeans in all colors (whether casual or dressy) are prohibited.
Country Club Attire is Required. No Jeans.





Smoking is Prohibited

In accordance with New York State law, smoking is prohibited in the Clubhouse and the Pool House at all times. This policy includes the use of electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Devices

Cell Phone & PDA Policy

For the avoidance of doubt, the Club’s cell phone and PDA policy applies to all members and their guests.

All electronic devices (e.g., cell phones and PDA’s) must be set in silent/vibrate mode at all times while on the grounds of the Club. The only areas permitted for cell phone and PDA calls are locker rooms and parking lots.

If a Member or guest needs to accept or return a call, it should be done only in the locker rooms or parking lots, not on the golf course or pool area.