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The 2019 Season is finally upon us here at North Hempstead Country Club! Firstly we'd like to thank you all for your continued support, enthusiasm and involvement in our club! Your continued support and feedback is helping us deliver the most exceptional service for you and your guests. We look forward to sharing another amazing season with you and your families here at NHCC!

In the coming weeks we will be updating the Club Calendar with the time and date for specific events and activities. Please keep in mind reservations can only be made 40 days before an event is due to be held.  We also will continue to update you via email as the year progresses with upcoming events. 

The club is open for lunch betweem 11am & 3pm Tuesday - Sunday.
The club is open for dinner between 6pm & 9pm Wednesday, Friday & Saturday.

Sunday Family BBQ Dinners are from 5pm - 8pm 
Pool  BBQ's will be every Friday starting July 5th - August 9th

Some rules have changed but our core values are the same. Family, Fun & Golf! 
Good luck to all of us here this season at North Hempstead Country Club! 

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Welcome New Members

Mr. Timothy Ahern Mr. Alexander Kim
Mr. Paul & Mrs. Aversano Ms. Christina L. King
Mr. Joseph A. Blando Jr. Mr. Louis Larocca
Mr. Richard I. Chambers  Mr. Adam G. Lipski
Ms. Alicia Cho Mr. Frank Mancini
Mr. John M. Crampton Mr. Nicholas Miller
Mr. Frank Falco Mr. Edward Napolitano
Mr. James P. Farrell Mr. Edward Orlando
Mr. James P. Farrell Jr. Mr. Charles H. Rexer
Mr. Scott Goldberg Mr. Edward Tsuker
Mr. William & Mrs. Hannan Jr. Mr. John P. Young