The Rules of the United States Golf Association shall govern all play, subject only to Local Rules adopted by the Golf Committee. These Local Rules are posted on the bulletin board outside The Golf Shop and on back of the golf course scorecard. On occasion, The Committee or Board of Governors may need to modify the Local Rules, whether for a specific event or season long.
Every effort must be made to increase speed of play. The Golf Committee is authorized to establish starting times, policies, and to penalize or disqualify players whose play is slow and/or detrimental to the enjoyment of other members. It is the responsibility of every group of players to keep up with the group immediately in front of them. At times, a member of the Professional Staff or Head of Outside Operations, may patrol the course. When necessary, they will require players to speed up play or let a following group play through. These staff members acting as “rangers” will report slow play and any rules infractions to the Golf Committee and Professional Staff. All persons using the golf course must comply with the requests of The Professional Staff and Outside Operations Staff.
The environment of North Hempstead Country Club in the clubhouse and golf course is focused on encouraging social interaction and personal enjoyment by its members and guests, free of the disturbance of ringing cellular devices and cell phone conversation.
We ask the use of conversation on cell phones be limited to the parking lot and locker rooms only. Discreet and non-verbal communication on cell phones is permitted on the golf course. This includes the range and all practice areas. No verbal communication on course or practice areas.
1. Members introducing golf guests to The Club must register such guests for a tee time on Foretees. If possible, members should indicate the name of such guest(s) within Foretees as well as the means of transport. By doing this, guests can be welcomed appropriately and a guest bag tag can be prepared. A member shall be responsible for all charges incurred, and for any infraction of Club rules by his or her guest.
2.  Guests are permitted to use the club practice facilities and locker room while waiting for their host.
3. Unaccompanied guests must be introduced to The Club through a member. They must register with the Golf Shop prior to play. The member introducing an unaccompanied guest or guests is responsible for all charges incurred, unless the unaccompanied guest makes direct payment arrangements. Unaccompanied guest fees for the golf course include the use of all golf practice facilities for that day.  All unaccompanied guests must have Director of Golf & Golf Chairman approval prior to play. Unaccompanied guests are limited to once per calendar month.
4. A House or House, Pool, and Tennis Member, playing with other House or HPT Members, not playing with a golf privileged member, are considered unaccompanied guests.  These members are responsible for all fees incurred.  House, Pool and Tennis Members and House Members are considered golf guests (as they are non-golf members) when playing with a golf member. They must follow the same rules accordingly. They are charged guest fees or unaccompanied guest fees depending on which scenario they fall under at the time of playing. House Members as well as House, Pool and Tennis Members can be considered as a “guest” for the purposes of The Invitational.
6. All guests are allowed to play one golf round per calendar month. Nine holes is considered a full round. The only exception to this rule is the June Men’s Two-Day Golf Invitational where a Guest is allowed to play more than once in that calendar month. The entire event and rounds played for the event are considered the “guest round” for that month. A One-Day Member Guest is considered a round played for the month. It is the responsibility of all members to adhere to this rule.
7. Club members are restricted to one weekend round per month. They shall be charged the appropriate greens fee for that day. Nine holes is considered one round. Club members cannot be considered the guest or participate in The Men’s Invitational, as they are Golf Members.
8. One guest per foursome, on Saturday and Sunday and Holiday mornings before 11am is permitted. All play restrictions are listed on the front page of Foretees and on the club website.
9. All members of North Hempstead Country Club, regardless of category, are entitled to use the golf practice facilities and driving range at any time regardless of whether they are playing golf that day. All rules and dress code must be followed at all times.
A dress code is essential to preserve the tradition of attire relating to golf at North Hempstead Country Club. Each member is obligated to conform to a dress code whenever present on the golf course, practice facilities, range and Golf Shop so that all can be assured of a dignified atmosphere to entertain our families and our guests. While we will all benefit from a prescribed dress code, it is not something an individual member should address with another member or guest. A member who wishes to report a dress code infraction should contact the General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Head Golf Professional, or Golf Chairperson.
Proper golf attire must be worn at all times. Due to ever-changing standards, management and The Board of Governors of the Club have final discretion in deciding proper golf attire. The dress code for golf is listed in the NHCC Dress Code handbook which all new members are issued. A copy is always available in the Golf Shop or front desk. This is also available on the Club website.
A reminder that men must have their shirts tucked in at all times. Hats and visors are to be worn with the bill facing forward in the manner in which they were made.
The following items are a non-exclusive list of examples of unacceptable golf attire: T-shirts, tank tops, tennis shorts, jogging shorts, gym shorts, short shorts, cargo pants, cargo shorts, cut-offs, spandex, yoga pants, denim jeans, dungarees, blue jeans, halters, tube tops, and strap-less tops. Nike blade collars and all short sleeve mock turtlenecks are not permitted.
  1. No member of the club in any category may work as an independent contractor in any capacity at the club or golf course. Children of members, still defined by the By-Laws as children of members, are permitted to work as independent contractors (specifically on the golf course acting as a caddy).
  1. All golf fees (including guest fees and cart fees) are set at the discretion of the Board of Governors and will be listed on the website annually. Tournament fees, play restrictions and guest policies are approved by the Board as well and are listed on Foretees and The Club website.
  1. All members must register on Foretees for a tee time to play golf. A tee time may be made beginning at 7am, 7 days in advance on Foretees.
  1.  Before 11am on Saturday and Sunday mornings, as well as days considered Holidays, an independent contractor (if available) is required (to act as a caddy) for all foursomes and or playing groups. Members are not permitted to carry their own bags or use pull carts. On weekdays golfers can carry their own bag after 4:30pm. Carts are limited to two per foursome.
  1. Groups not ready to start at their designated tee time shall lose their turn.
  1. All play, unless otherwise instructed begins on the first tee.  All groups beginning play on the 1st tee should be in foursomes or threesomes as directed by the Head of Outside Operations or his assistants. If the situation allows, singles and twosomes can play upon his approval and set up. At the discretion of the Head or Outside operations or Professional Staff they may send a group to begin at a hole other than the first tee. This is done for member experience and pace of play. Groups starting on tenth tee when making the turn, may need to wait for first tee to clear at sole discretion of Head of Outside Operations or his staff.
  1. All play restrictions, in terms of time and category remain in effect regardless of where play begins. All restrictions are in effect regardless of what hole play begins, even if a discretionary adjustment is made.
  1. The golf course is closed and member play is prohibited on Mondays unless that Monday is a holiday. Typically, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Columbus Day are Monday holidays in which the club is open. July 4th is a National Holiday as well but it is a “moving target” in regard to Holiday policy. This policy will be reviewed annually by The Board of Governors after a Golf Committee recommendation. Play is prohibited from all areas (including all practice facilities) when the golf course is closed. This includes Mondays when Club is closed regardless of and not limited to if there is an outing or outside tournament.
  1. Tournament matches and events are set up and run by a Men’s Tournament Committee under the umbrella of the Golf Committee. Ladies Golf does the same. This is done with the cooperation and involvement of the Professional Staff. Tournament matches shall have priority on the golf course when specifically authorized by the Professional Staff.
Hours of Operation for the driving range vary by time of year and day of the week. The hours for the driving range are always posted on the website and on Foretees.  They can be verified by calling The Golf Shop. Weather, certain events, overall usage, time of year and maintenance are all factors on driving range hours and policy.
Range closing time changes throughout the season and is determined by daylight and maintenance.
Proper golf attire is required on the range and practice areas at all times.
The putting green is available to all members. No chipping or wedge play in this area. Members are asked to walk around the putting green and not cut across at all times. Children of members under the age of 13 must be attended at all times.
The practice green near the first and tenth tee is a warmup and practice area. Members are asked to exercise extreme caution in this area. Members and staff are walking in this area and playing golf. Safety is a paramount concern. Members are also asked to be aware of their conversations as members are teeing off on the first and tenth holes.
Ear buds (for non-verbal purposes) are allowed in practice areas. No verbal cell phone usage.
            Specific Range Policies
a) Range usage must go through the Head of Outside Operations or his assistant and staff at the first tee area
b) Maintenance Staff will Repair all Divots
c) Members using the range must provide their own clubs.
d) All back and forth to the range is by golf cart only. No walking to the range whether by the cart path or from first tee or first hole. No exceptions.
e) When returning from the range please exit left towards cart barn away from 1st Tee Box.
f)  If grass is being used please play within the dividers.
g)  All range rules and signage must be observed without exception at all times. IF MATS ONLY, NO GRASS USAGE IS PERMITTED.
h) When members are waiting, no more than three people from a single family shall use the facility. Similarly, when members are waiting to hit, members shall observe a thirty (30) minute limits in their use of the range.
 i) Safety is paramount at the range. Any member capable of hitting any ball near or over the net is limited to the “limited flight balls. Any member found hitting any ball over the net at any time is subject to practice facility suspension and Board review on golf privileges.
j) Children of any member 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times. If over 13 and using the range a member of the staff must provide transportation if no driver’s license.
  1. Neither golfers nor any employee or independent contractor of The Club shall enter onto private properties bordering the golf course for any reason. Golfers shall not instruct any independent contractor to enter adjacent private property, and shall instead have the obligation to instruct independent contractors not to do so.
  2. Independent Contractors are available at times to assist in caddying.
  3. At no time is an independent contractor to drive a golf cart and NO RIDING ON THE BACK OF THE CART by anyone at any time. This includes members.
  4. Unless a specific signal has been given to play through, play, at all times, shall cease until players are out of range.
  5. At no time, unless specific permission of The Professional Staff or Head of Outside Operations should there be more than two carts in a group at any time. Husband and Wife and members of the same household are required to use one golf cart.
  6. A foursome is the maximum number of players in a group. This is for pace of play and enjoyment of all members and guests. At certain times of year, at discretion of The Head of Outside Operations and Professional Staff a five-some may be allowed.
  7. Maintenance Staff shall always have the right of way, and players shall refrain from hitting until they are out of range or have signaled the golfer(s) to hit.
  8. All carts are due back at dusk.  No exceptions.
Player’s responsibilities in regard to the golf course shall include the following:
  • Replace divots
  • Rake bunkers after use, and leave the rake outside the bunker in areas least likely to interfere with play
  • Pick up broken or used tees and discard in grass area next to tee box
  • Exit from the rear of bunkers and from rear of greens, when feasible
  • Properly repair ball marks on greens
  • Use receptacles for trash
  • Walk around (not across) greens
  • Do not lay flag sticks on the putting surfaces
  • Golf bags shall not be dropped, placed, or permitted to rest on the greens
  • Cigarettes or cigars shall not be placed on the putting surfaces, and should be disposed of properly
  • Observe “ground under repair” notices
  • Refrain from practice swings that cause divots
Remind other members, guests, children, and employees or independent contractors to observe these rules
The use of golf carts must necessarily be subject to weather and course conditions at all times. The Grounds Superintendent will make ALL decisions authorizing or temporarily suspending their use. Certain rules governing riding cart usage are also necessary to minimize damage to the golf course, even under ideal conditions. These rules include:
  • Follow all traffic signs;
  • Use the specially constructed cart paths, where available
  • Keep golf carts off the tees, outside the bunkers, and away from the greens
  • Keep golf carts off the practice tees
  • Avoid sudden starts and stops, which may damage grass
  • Avoid overloads – the limit for each golf cart is two riders.
  • No riding on the back of golf carts by members, guests or children is permitted. Three in a cart is not permitted. Independent contractors cannot ride on the back of a cart. Members are not allowed to recommend or allow this at any time.
  • All operators of golf cart must have a valid driver’s license. This does not include learners’ permits.
The importance of adhering to these rules is such that violations can result in a member’s loss of cart use privileges.
All members and golfers are required to have a GHIN Number. This number allows golfers to post scores and have an official USGA index. All new members, upon joining or members without this number MUST get a number and register with The Golf Shop. If a member or guest for tournament purposes has no handicap index, he/she must participate in any event at scratch.
The USGA handicap system is used at NHCC. All “in season” scores (whether played at NHCC or elsewhere) must be accurately posted. Members may post scores at the GHIN terminals located outside The Golf Shop, online at, by down-loading the GHIN mobile application or on the MYMGA app. Golfers who do not comply with posting requirements consistent with USGA guidelines are ineligible for handicap competitions and their handicaps may be subject to review by the Golf Committee.
Member’s children who have been issued a NHCC bag tag and are permitted to play based on their parent’s category may use the golf course at times and under conditions set. Members’ children are expected to comply with all Club rules, and members are responsible for rules violations of their children.
Play restriction times for Children of Members are listed on the website and on Foretees home page. They must be adhered to at all times. Any golfer 18 and under may carry his/her own bag at any time. 
Children of Members, REGARDLESS OF AGE, are considered the “Child of a Member and juniors” and must follow rules based on those restrictions. Being over 18 but still under their parent’s membership umbrella does not change these rules and policies.
Members’ children using the golf course may allow adult golfers to play through if they are holding up the course. But if no hold up occurs and children are keeping pace they have the right to their position.
Junior Golfers, 13 and under, are not permitted to play golf in any group without adult golf member being present.
A Privileged Junior is a golfer who the professional Golf Staff has approved to play the course without adult supervision. This privilege will be granted to Junior Golfers who show their maturity & respect for the course, the fellow golfers & the game. For a Junior to attain this status they must show the Professional Golf Staff these qualities and pass the proper etiquette and playing ability course.
Junior golfers under 13 years of age are not permitted to use the practice facilities (including the range, putting green and chipping area) without adult supervision. All must adhere to proper dress code while practicing OR supervising.
Junior golfers and all golfers without a valid driver’s license must be driven to the range by a staff member in both directions.
Birth date and birth year decide all age issues for children.
The Professional Staff and Golf Committee oversee Junior Golf. A Golf Committee liaison, within the committee, will report on and assist in policy, management and responsibilities.
The Club has a lightning detection system which sounds a warning siren when lightning is detected in the area. When the siren is sounded all golf, tennis and pool activities must stop and everyone should seek appropriate shelter until the “all clear” is sounded. Even if the lightning alarm siren is not sounded, members and their guests should exercise good judgment in determining whether to seek shelter. All golfers must return to the clubhouse upon the siren sounding. Or seek shelter if a safety issue. A return to the golf course or practice area is not permitted until another signal is given.
From Men’s Opening Day, through the final Sunday in October, any male golfer with FULL GOLF PRIVILEGES (as defined by the By-laws and these Golf rules) and who contributes to the Men’s Hole in One Fund, who makes a hole in one is entitled to the Men’s Hole in One Prize fund. Every male golf member will subsequently be charged $10 after that to replenish the fund. A member must be playing golf with another full golf privilege member at the time of the hole in one.
To be eligible for this Prize Fund, it must occur on:
  • a Saturday or Sunday
  • Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day (inclusive of all days The Firecracker tournament is being played), Columbus Day
  • Friday rounds of Memorial Day and Labor Day Holiday Tournaments
  • Friday rounds of the Men’s Invitational
Any questions regarding these rules can be directed to the Golf Chairman or Director of Golf. .