Reservations are always required for dinner and special events.
Cancellation Policy: A 24-hour, 50% cancellation fee will be enforced for all events where attendance reaches capacity. This includes (but is not limited to); Memorial Day Weekend Clambakes, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day Celebration, Labor Day Weekend Clambakes, Halloween Brunch, Thanksgiving, Santa Brunches, Ladies Christmas Lunches and all other Special Event Nights.
H-1 All members and their guests should dress appropriately in order to maintain an atmosphere consistent with the traditions of North Hempstead Country Club. Please review the Dress Code Handbook.
  1. Dress attire for lunch is as follows; Club Casual. Shorts permitted. No t-shirts. Jeans Permitted Tuesday – Friday.
  2. Dress attire for dinner is as follows
    1. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Evenings; Club Casual attire. *Shorts permitted in grill and on patio only. No un-tucked or t-shirts.
    2. Friday Evenings; Club Casual Attire*Jeans permitted. *Shorts permitted in grill and on patio only. No un-tucked or t-shirts.
    3. Saturday Evenings; Jackets Required in Dining Room. No jeans. *Shorts permitted in grill and on patio only. No un-tucked or t-shirts.
    4. Sunday Evenings; Club Casual attire. *Shorts permitted in grill and on patio only. No un-tucked or t-shirts.
*Note: Only neat jeans (those of a solid color with no holes, tears or frays) are permitted.
  1. Golf caps are to be worn with the hat bill facing forward. Golf caps and visors may not be worn in the dining room or grill room.
  2. Bathing attire is permitted only around the pool and in the pool locker rooms.
H-2 Members are responsible for informing their guests of Club dress attire and policies.
H-3 Golf shoes with soft spikes are permitted throughout the clubhouse. During inclement weather golf shoes should be removed.
H-4 Tipping of employees other than valet and locker room staff is forbidden.
H-5 Members are not permitted to send an employee outside the Club grounds.
H-6 NHCC encourages families to enjoy the Club and to participate in a variety of family activities. As with adult members, children are expected to be properly attired and to conduct themselves in a manner respectful of other members and appropriate to the enjoyment of a private club by all its members. Parents are responsible for maintaining these standards.
H-7 Children twelve years of age and over are permitted in the clubhouse locker rooms.
H-8 The Club is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property, whether or not left in the custody of an employee. The Club is not responsible for lost or stolen items left in lockers.
H-9 Articles belonging to the Club are not to be removed from the various Club facilities.
H-10 No articles shall be offered for sale in the clubhouse or on Club property without permission of the House or other appropriate committee.
H-11 No items or notices shall be posted on bulletin boards or walls unless authorized by the appropriate committee chairman or management.
H-12 Smoking, Vaping & or the use of E-Cigarettes is prohibited throughout the clubhouse, outside dining spaces and in the pool area.
H-13 Complaints, suggestions and requests are to be made in writing, addressed to the general manager or appropriate committee, and left in the Club office. No member or guest may reprimand any employee but should report their complaint to the Club manager.
H-14 Pets are not allowed in the clubhouse or on the grounds.
H-15 The use of cell phones or other devices to make or receive voice calls (or to otherwise operate on a non-silent mode) is strictly prohibited on Club grounds, except in the parking lot and in the Club locker rooms. The use of smartphones, tablets and other similar electronic devices (“Electronic Devices”) are permitted for all silent non-voice use (including email, text messages, and photos) on Club grounds.
H-16 The use of the Club roster for purposes of solicitation is prohibited.
H-17 Cars may be parked only in the marked spaces provided for that purpose. Members are forbidden to drive automobiles on the golf course, except in the areas designated as auxiliary parking lots.
H-18 The speed limit on the Club grounds is 15 mph.