S-1 The pool director is in charge of the pool area and is authorized to enforce all Club rules. His/her decision shall be final in all matters pertaining to the safety and conduct of those in the pool area. The Pool Director or Pool Chairman may impose temporary regulations as deemed necessary to insure the safety, good order and management of the pool, including “time-outs” for repeated instances of inappropriate behavior.
S-2 The pool season and hours will be set by the Pool Committee and will be posted on the website and at the pool entrance. The pool and pool area may not be used unless it is officially open, and a lifeguard is on duty.
S-3 Proper attire is required at the pool. In accordance with club policy, proper and modest bathing suits are required for use of the pool. Sport shorts, lacrosse shorts, cutoffs, cargo, and any other non-bathing apparel will not be permitted in the pool. Please refrain from wearing bathing suits in areas outside of the pool facility. Shirts or cover-ups must be worn when arriving to and leaving the pool. Members and guests in swimming attire are permitted only in the pool area. Golf shoes are prohibited in the pool area.
S-4 The Club is not responsible for accidents resulting from the use of its facilities, or loss of personal property.
S-5 Soiled towels should be deposited in the receptacles provided or returned to the locker room. Bath towels shall not be removed from the club-house locker rooms.
S-6 Glass or chinaware is not permitted within the pool area.
S-7 The Club provides as many chairs and chaises as space and comfort permit. Members may not reserve chaises nor bring in their own pool furniture. Children are only allowed on lounge chairs when available.
S-8 The pool area may not be used by any person with a fever, cold, cough, inflamed eye(s), open wounds, skin disease, wearing a bandage or any other condition that might jeopardize the health of other swimmers.
S-9 Members are responsible for supervising their own children at the pool. The club staff is not authorized to assume that responsibility.
S-10 All children under the age of 11 must be supervised by an adult or responsible baby sitter age 15 and above.
S-11No child under the age of 14 may remain at the pool after 6:30 p.m., unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
S-12 All children age 8 and under shall be actively supervised in the main pool. The same pertains to novice swimmers of any age.
Children are not permitted to leave the premises except when arriving, leaving or going to play golf or tennis.
S-13 The “Kiddy Pool” is reserved for the use of small children and non-swimmers. An adult, mother’s helper or baby sitter must actively supervise them
S-14 If several children are expected as guests, the pool director should be notified in advance.
S-15 Please enter the pool facility through the pool house front door. All members and guests must sign in upon entering each day.
S-16 Board of Health regulations prohibit pets, glass, strollers, playpens, baby carriages or any other wheeled vehicles in the pool area.
S-17 All food consumed at the pool must be purchased at the Poolside Café. Infant formula and infant food is allowed. Any other exceptions must be cleared with the Pool Director in advance.
S-18 Please change all diapers on the changing tables provided in the locker rooms.
S-19 As per club policy “cell phone for voice calls use is limited to the locker rooms and parking lots, ONLY.” Please be courteous to other members.
S-20 The use of cell phones in silent mode, E-book readers, iPads, and similar devices as well as texting (with discretion) are permitted.
S-21 Bicycle riding is not permitted on the premises except when used as vehicle for transporting oneself to and from the club.
S-22 For safety reasons, running and rough play are prohibited.
Ball playing on the hill may be permitted at the discretion of the pool director and will be restricted on busy weekends.
S-23 Pool Lockers are annual. Each year a request must be made on a first come first serve basis. Lockers should be emptied at the end of each pool season.
S-24 Members must sign the registration sheet for their pool guests.
S-25 Members may bring the same pool guest up to one time per calendar month. This rule applies to members’ children 25 and over.
S-26 Members’ children 24 and under (un-married) will not be deemed pool guests and are allowed unlimited use and do not have to sign the registration book.
S-27 Members’ children 25 and over (married or unmarried) will be treated as pool guests, are to sign the registration sheet and pay a guest fee.
S-28 Guests using the pool area shall use the pool locker rooms provided for that purpose.
S-29 Leave of Absence members may be a pool guest one day a month.
S-30 Members must always accompany their pool guests at the pool.
Weekdays ................................... Adults $15.00 / Children $10.00
Weekends & Holidays ................. Adults $20.00 / Children $15.00