T-1. U.S. Tennis Association rules govern all play. The tennis staff is authorized to enforce all rules; a member of the Tennis Committee may be consulted when necessary.
T-2. Appropriate tennis attire is required at the tennis courts. Predominantly white (50%) tennis attire is required for all club members. Tennis t- shirts are allowed. Proper tennis attire does not include walking shorts, cut-off shorts, soccer style shorts, basketball shorts, running shorts or any type of lycra or spandex shorts. Fifty percent whites are required for children under 14. T-shirts are allowed for children under 14. Proper tennis sneakers must be worn. Cross-training sneakers with heavy treads, running sneakers, flip-flops or any open toe shoes will not be allowed. Due to ever-changing standards, management of the Club has final discretion in deciding proper tennis attire. These rules apply to both adults and children.
T-3. Members must sign the registration sheet for their tennis guests. The fee will be waived if one has already been charged as a golf guest.
T-4. All Tennis guests must be accompanied by a member
T-5. Proper tennis etiquette must be maintained by all members and guests at all times.
  • Please wait for players to finish their point to wave you across their court.
  • Enter and exit the courts via the west gate.
  • The courts are usually available for play after a little rain.
  • The decision to play after a soaking rain remains with the pro or Tennis Chairperson.
Weekdays ................................... Adults $25.00 / Children $15.00
Weekends & Holidays ................. Adults $25.00 / Children $15.00