Dear Members,

Here are a few of our new guidelines, and some reminders of old rules for our newest members. Let's all have a fun, safe weekend & summer!
  • Lounge chairs are for adults only.
  • Menu service is available at the tables both at the cafe and at the tables on the pool deck. Adults are now also permitted to order food at the cafe window and bring it to their lounge chairs. No children may eat on lounge chairs.
  • The pool side cafe will close a half-hour before the pool closes.
  • All children in the big pool must be toilet trained. No swim diapers are allowed in the big pool.
  • No inflatable devices including "water wings" or inflatable rings are allowed in the pool. They promote a false sense of security in both children and parents.
  • No strollers are allowed on the pool deck.
  • Please refrain from requesting more than one locker per family.
  • Please only take one towel per person. Return all used towels upon departure.
  • Please sign in all guests at the pool front desk
  • Adults and children are not permitted to wear swim wear inside the club house locker rooms. We ask that you only use the pool locker rooms to change and shower when in swim attire.
Please do not forget to email me at pooldirector@nhccli.com by June 2nd if you wish to retain your lockers from last summer. After June 2nd we will begin distributing unclaimed lockers to members who are on this year's waitlist. We ask for your patience and cooperation as we transition into the summer season. I personally look forward to meeting you all.
Best regards,
Alexander Vincent
Pool Director
Pool at North Hempstead